Why you shouldn’t be scammed and buy a doll from those websites.

You’ve probably stumbled upon marketplaces like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and others whilst surfing the net. You may have also seen pictures of beautiful dolls sold at a more competitive price compared to our website. They do not sell the same dolls as ours and this post clearly explains to you why: Sellers often found in Alibaba have stolen original doll photos from the genuine manufacturers’ websites. They do this in order to publish misleading ads on various marketplace portals, selling items that don’t correspond to what is shown in their featured product pictures.

There are many stories of repentant buyers who have received different dolls from those shown in those fraudulent advertisements. Delivered items were patently bad copies compared to the original product pictures. The materials used were poor quality and smelled of industrial rubber. The products purchased were potentially harmful to a person’s health as they are not clinically tested or approved. Other stories reported saw the victim delivered a cheap blow-up doll instead of a real sex doll shown in the picture! Further fraudulent sellers are responsible of simply cloning original manufactures’ designs in a ridiculous way, with catastrophic results.

Factory owners are also guilty of malpractice as they have often been found with cloned molds of original quality figures. They acquire the single head from genuine producers due to their lack of production experience and quality. They mount the head onto their cheaply made bodies resulting in a “frankenstein doll” sold at a competitive price. A good quality head fixed onto a poorly constructed body, lacking a full articulable metal skeleton, can be seriously dangerous for your health. Are you sure that it is still worth saving a few dollars to receive such a poorly made product? We sincerely hope not, because you are actually buying an object more expensive than the quality provided.

Buying a realistic sex doll from these unofficial resellers is likely to transform your first sex doll experience into something quite disappointing that will make you bitterly regret your purchase.

Beware of scam dolls, and only buy dolls from certified resellers.

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