100cm - Mini Sex Doll

Our 3ft 3in / 100 mini sex dolls are one of the most popular models among the real doll lovers world and it’s not difficult to understand why they’re highly desired. Their body size is petite allowing you to take her everywhere with consummate ease. These lovely little fuck dolls are are at the lowest rung of the expense ladder and are a fantastic choice to enter the pleasure doll planet or simply build up an impressive collection of beauties.

Their small perfectly shaped TPE bodies provide you with the same quality material as taller, more expensive versions. With a fantastic D-cup set of breasts and a firm small ass they have everything that all other tall dolls in a wonderfully compact package. Every 100cm mini doll has oral, vaginal and anal orifices (please note: due to the size restrictions of smaller dolls, if you choose the insert vagina, no anal orifice will be present). They are the perfect little piece to have your fun on.

These little love dolls are the perfect answer to gaining more satisfaction whilst alone. You can only take care of yourself for so long before it becomes cumbersome and boring. Our set of lovely ladies will instantly uplift those empty lonely experiences. You can create your own scenarios each and every time. Get her some of your favorite clothing and go role playing. Put her in a maid’s outfit and have that fantasy become reality of having your wicked way with one of these cuties.

Perhaps you’d like to have a wonderful dinner shared with a sexy lady in a drop dead gorgeous black dress. It really isn’t for us to decide your fantasies as they are private and you should share them with a petite love dolls. There is no possibility of such intimacy with cheap inflatable dolls, we provide that warm and real thing. Go on and start your journey into the most intriguing side of the sex world!

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