111cm - Silicone Mini Sex Dolls

Welcome to the entry model for our highest quality silicone sex dolls. Standing at a very cute 3ft 7in / 111cm, these dolls belong to the top material category of mini sex dolls. Their soft skin is crafted in silicone material giving them a feel as close to real as possible. Their adorably tiny frames are for those who like the best in the smallest possible form. The advantages of choosing one of our silicone models is that they are comparable to that of a real woman’s feel even more! The medical industry uses this material to give all those page three ladies the features that we so desire. If it’s good enough for the papers, magazines and pornstars, then what else could you possibly wish for? Grabbing a handful of one these fuck doll’s assets will be more than enough to convince you of making a superb choice.

There’s no need to wonder about a suitable storage space for these pleasure dolls as you can easily place them in a closet or cupboard with hardly any trouble. Let’s be honest though, it’s not all about storage, it’s more about what the ladies are storing! They have plenty in store for you! Oh, but aren’t they that small that everything else will be too? We have no such propaganda here to convince you, the ladies can do that themselves. Our Lien, and the more outgoing Yasu, are there for you to peruse and put your mind at ease.

They are very lucky in our mansion to have that voluptuous figure. Huge breasts on a tiny waist are the stuff that dreams are made of, lucky for you that we are here to make those dreams a reality. They can be in your arms and getting fully loved by you within three weeks and probably sooner! So go on and get your arms locked around these lucky few that are going to get fucked by YOU!

(Please note, there is no removable vagina available for these dolls, but you can always select standing foot, eyebrows style, nipple colors and all other options that are commonly available for mini silicone dolls including a free extra head or free heating system too!)

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