120cm - Little sex doll

Welcome to our graduate class! These girls have just turned 18 and are plump in the right bumps waiting to see what it’s like to get humped. Our girls below are at the pinnacle of our mini silicone doll range. They have an incredibly small and full physique standing at 4f / 120cm tall. These little love dolls more than make up for their height with bodies to die for. Kojika and Irina are trying to hide their modesty in their profiles, but our little Mathilde is prepared to display them right off the bat. Don’t be fooled by the modesty of the others as you’ll find that they are just as exciting in their own sections.

They’re all a lucky bunch with a rack that is far beyond anything that would disappoint you. The seven ladies that we have rolled into our mansion are all there for the same thing. They all want to be released into the tender and warm arms of a man they deserve. They believe that man is you and we don’t want to disappoint them, so we hope that you have no need to let them down gently. Once they are in your house, they are yours and they’ll only have eyes for you. They are trained to be obedient and do anything that you, as the master of their lives, dictates.

They have no inkling to moan or complain, they won’t hold anything against you (except their perfectly sculpted bodies) they are there for your pleasure and yours only! They are all equipped with the articulated metal skeleton, oral, vaginal and anal sexual orifices to get raged upon. Give it your all as these pleasure dolls require everything. Get deep into one of our 7 below!

Ps. due to their reduced size, only fixed vagina option it’s available for this kind of doll.

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