128cm - Mini Real Doll

It’s time to introduce the largest of mini realistic sex doll range standing in at a cute height of 4ft 2in / 128cm. These lovely little options are perfect for you if you want the whole package in miniature form. Our girls in this range are excellently proportioned and well endowed for their size. They have a more than adequate B sized rack that oozes sexuality.

These lady love dolls are more than fulfilling with their realistic facial features and fully sized orifices. These adult dolls are merely vertically challenged with the same attributes and desires of our taller versions. You may notice that these ladies are generally Asian themed, it’s entirely up to you with what style you prefer. Won’t a real life blow up doll be just as good? That depends upon your requirement for the finer things in life.

These beautiful real love dolls have the exceptional advantage of realistic to-the-touch skin. Made with the finest medical grade TPE, you’ll be astounded by the quality of the feel. Don’t worry about pounding them too hard or feel the need to go easy on these ladies. They are equipped with latest in sex doll technology frames. They may be supported by an articulated metal skeleton which allows you to feel reassured that she can take anything. Position her as you prefer with no complaints.

She has the size and agility for you to put her anywhere in or outside of the house. Our pocket sized ladies have the advantage of being able to be stowed almost anywhere. These lovelies are a great introduction to the glorious world of a real life love doll. Go ahead and order below from our xxx store. Happy humping!

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