145cm - Silicone Real dolls

Our 145 cm / 4ft 9in silicone sex dolls are perfect for the man who likes them small, but not too small. They feature fantastically smooth textured silicone skin which not only looks and feels like the real thing, it is also excellent at retaining heat. This diminutive sex doll will feel alive to the touch and even heat up as you do. They are made of the same medical grade silicone that goes into actual breast implants so you know they’ve got to feel real. These little ladies get hot along as you do.

With different skin tones and breast sizes, our 145cm silicone real adult dolls come in nice variety for men who know how tall they want them, but still have some shopping around to do. Each doll features a fully articulated metal frame. Imagine a short but ultra-flexible gymnast with big tits and nothing on and twisting and turning around your bedroom. These life size silicone dolls are capable of getting into any position you desire which certainly cannot be said of inferior lifelike blow up dolls.

Silicone skin, while feeling warm and smooth, is not as porous as other materials can be. This makes it much easier to clean your adult doll up after a night of fun. If you happen to be prone to allergies, silicone is also hypoallergenic as an added bonus. At 4’9”, these dolls are large and robust enough to take whatever you are dishing out, but they still have that slender, petit physique you so desire. Blond, ginger or brunette, we’ve got every hair color you could want. These lifelike female dolls also come in a variety of face shapes and eye colors. You can literally build your dream girl who already comes in your favorite height. Yes, you like them short and these smaller girls will love you as well. Get to it!

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