160cm - Silicone Love Doll

Standing at 160cm tall these silicone coated real sex dolls are the most advanced life like sex toys you will ever encounter. Featuring an astounding level of attention to detail, no-one can blame you for falling head over heels for these gorgeous babes! With their perfect figure and come get me eyes, how could you resist? And why should you need to? I can see you wondering already what it would feel like to take your hard cock and ease it between those perfect pins, and I’m telling you right now, the answer is incredible! Just slide right in and have your wicked way.

Don’t worry no one is going to judge you, how could they? They’re just jealous, because they’re not the ones that get to come home to a beautiful babe who will never say no. Want to cum on her face? She won’t say no. Want to shove it right up her ass? She won’t deny you that pleasure either. Want to bend her right over and alternate between all three life-like holes, each feeling subtly different on your thick rod? Her eyes say “do whatever you want to me”, and her body says “YES, YES, YES”. And when the fun’s all over for this time, well just pack her away until the next time you want sexual gratification. Our life sized dolls for men feature a range of different options for you to create your ideal woman.

Combined with a figure that you’ve only dreamed about, it looks like those dreams has finally come true! All our dolls come with free shipping, one free random outfit, and a care kit with all the things you need to look after your girl! So dream no longer, because we guarantee, from here on out, you won’t be able to wait to wake up!

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