162cm - Real Size Silicone Doll

Living with a girl is hard. They leave hair everywhere, you can never use the bathroom when you need to, and just try having control of the remote when their favorite reality TV show is on. And when you’ve just got home from a difficult day at the office, and all you want is a good hard fuck, well, the less said about that the better. Living with a real sex doll however is a breeze, the only mess that they’re going to be responsible for is the mess you make when you blow your load all over her perfect tits.

Want to watch the football? These girls aren’t going to complain. Come home at 3am reeking of booze? Well the only thing these real sex dolls are going to do is open up their perfect legs and welcome you home. Standing at 162cms tall, these petite models are just perfect for you to come home to, with an articulated metal skeleton you can arrange in any position you want, and the smoothest of smooth silicone skin you’ll be making excuses to the boys and coming home early. And then cumming again and again and again.

As with all of our real sex dolls free shipping and one free outfit are included, but you can dress her up in any way you choose. From sultry seductress, to bored housewife, these dolls will cater to your every whim, and when the funs all over and all you want is a bit of peace and quiet with some video games, well you won’t even hear a peep from them. These sexy girls are just waiting for you to feel the need, and feel that need you will. Anytime you want, anyway you desire, just throw her down, spread those perfect pins and have your wicked way.

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