Sabrina – Real Size Love Doll

170cm H-Cup love doll + #142 head

$ 1,950.00 $ 1,650.00

Life-like Smooth medical TPE Skin

  • Height: 5’6 / 170cm
  • Weight: 90lbs / 41kg

Body Features

  • Bust: 35 in. / 89cm
  • Waist: 21.25 in. / 54cm
  • Hip: 38 in. / 97cm
  • Bra Size: 28H
  • Foot Length: 8.5 in. / 22cm

Realistic Oral, Vaginal & Anal Sexual orifices

  • Vagina depth: 6.7 in. / 17cm
  • Anal depth: 6.7 in. / 17cm
  • Oral depth: 5.1 in. / 13cm


  • Thick carton EPE-box
  • Free Shipping

Shipped with a free random dress and Care Kit

  • Please note: Clothing, wigs, tattoo, and accessories featured in love dolls pictures are just for photo shoot purposes only and not included in your order.

Delivery in 4 weeks

  • Doll Production 2-3 Weeks + Shipping 1 Week

170cm body H-Cup vagina pictures

  • Hair

    The image shown is an example for your reference of how your chosen wig will look and is NOT a representation of the doll head you have selected.

    Eye Color

    Skin Color


    Toenail color


    Pubic hair

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    • 80 $

    Standing foot

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    • 90 $
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Doll Description

BOOM!! Here comes the blond bombshell sex doll of the house sporting a whopping rack of H-cup goodness. Look up at Sabrina’s face now as when you’re down there slurping on her love juices, you’ll see nothing but the valleys of Sabrina’s Grand Canyon. What an unexpected pleasure to be gazing at one of the great wonders of the real sex doll world. Sabrina wears her pulsing lady lumps with the pride and prowess of a female lion. She will provide you with everything that you have been missing. Big titties? Check. Pretty face? Check. Fat frame? X. Tight toned body? Check. Says no to sex? X. Likes it in the pooper? Check. Real life size doll? check. Curvalicious? Hell yeah! We have tried to ask our Sabrina if ,indeed, blondes do have more fun. She has been unable to answer as she is leaving the mansion in droves. We doubt that you’ll ever find the time to ask because of her insatiable desire to filled with cock. It’s your cock that she craves and your load is her favorite facial decoration. Splurge all over her face, in her hair, over those titties or as deep inside her as you can get. You can bring her back to her impeccable appearance with a raunchy session in the shower. Be sure to clean her as there is nothing that she fears more than getting old before her time. Our Sabrina loves to fill up new clothes with her flawless curves and heaving bosom. Hurry up, she’s shouting at us now for you and your love truncheon. Don’t make her angry, or do, she’s a great fantastic angry sex pest. Get her in your home as soon as you can and get into her to shut her up. Sabrina could sliding on your pole in weeks!

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Sabrina - Real Size Love Doll