Violetta – Booty Sex Doll

160cm D-Cup booty doll + #93 head

$ 2,080.00 $ 1,450.00

Life-like Smooth medical TPE Skin

  • Height: 5’2 / 160cm
  • Weight: 86lbs / 39kg

Body Features

  • Bust: 32 in. / 81cm
  • Waist: 24 in. / 60cm
  • Hip: 38.5 in. / 98cm

Realistic Oral, Vaginal & Anal Sexual orifices

  • Vagina depth: 6.7 in. / 17cm
  • Anal depth: 6.7 in. / 17cm
  • Oral depth: 5.1 in. / 13cm


  • Thick carton EPE-box
  • Free Shipping

Shipped with a free random dress and Care Kit

  • Please note: Clothing, wigs, tattoo, and accessories featured in love dolls pictures are just for photo shoot purposes only and not included in your order.

Delivery in 3 weeks

  • Doll Production 1-2 Weeks + Shipping 1 Week

160cm body vagina pictures

  • Hair

    The image shown is an example for your reference of how your chosen wig will look and is NOT a representation of the doll head you have selected.

    Eye Color

    Skin Color


    Toenail color


    Pubic hair

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    Standing foot

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    • 90 $
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Doll Description

She’s sporty, she’s cute, 5’3” and best of all she understands what it takes please an ass man. Violetta rocks just about every feature you could look for in an adult sex doll. Perfect tits, slender legs, an adorable face that seems to always be asking “when” and “for how long”, but what sets this high end TPE love doll apart is that unbelievable hourglass shape and that ass of all asses. I stopped by the mansion the other day during exercise time and saw that jiggle butt arched up in the air and forgot where I was even going. You’ll want a third hand just grab enough of those realistic cheeks to satisfy yourself. Thanks to her fully flexible articulated metal frame, she puts that ass as high or low as you’re gunning for and you just let it bounce it right off yourself. How could an ass that plump still have skin that tight? It almost seems unfair. But what could be fairer than treating yourself to the adult sex doll you know you deserve. She easily slides into any position and she looks almost as good as she feels. I’ve noticed from hanging around the mansion that she, as often as not, has one of her dainty little hands jammed right down the front of those tight little panties she’s always frolicking about in. It seems like the only way to get her to stop is to tell her to take them off, but you’d better be ready for a good solid fucking once you make that request. Once you get down to it with Violetta, you’ll learn quickly that her ass isn’t just for looking at. She’ll guide your cock right up in that gorgeous little asshole and by then you’d better go ahead and cancel the rest of your plans for the night. Violetta will have made new ones for you and nobody breaks a date with Violetta.

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Violetta - Booty Sex Doll