Why do men love realistic sex dolls? Here are 6 points to satisfy your curiosity:

1) You can fulfil all your wildest desires that your wife/girlfriend forbids.

Craving anal sex? Anal is one of those taboo topics that is on top of the list of sexual fantasies. Many real life women find this sexual act painful or unpleasant, but you’re yearning to put in the “wrong” every time you are having sex. Unfortunately, you find access is denied by the lady you are with. With a sex doll, you can turn this harrowing deprivation into reality without asking permission from anyone. Pleasure dolls’ butts are perfectly modeled to resemble that of a real woman’s. They have a realistic appearance, are soft to the touch and ready to being spanked while you penetrate deeply. The butthole is narrow and tight and it will give you the pleasant sensation and thrill that you’ve always desired and dreamed about. In addition to anal sex, you can involve one or more sex dolls for an exciting threesome, practice rough sex, and all the usual unattainable fantasies when meeting everyday real women. You still have to proceed with caution as a sex doll still retains some limitations. She could break if used with too much strength or pressure on her slender body.

2) There is zero risk of adultery.

This is a sore spot for many people. At some point in our lives most have experienced a loving relationship or marriage breakup that has left scars for life. Being our fault or not is irrelevant, we know that these events have marked us eternally and no one wants to repeat that painful time. This risk is averted with the assistance of a love doll, it may seem silly, but she will never say NO to your requests. She will tolerate all your defects and appear as perfect as ever because you are in complete control of her looks and nuances. Jealous scenes will be but a distant memory from the past, and you will have all the benefits of being single and coupled up at the same time.

3) You can achieve the cartoon dream!

If you’ve ever had the obsession with the world of Japanese comics and hentai manga, hentai sex dolls are the unique solution. It could all be made possible and these ladies can jump out of the unreal and right into your arms. There is no need to yearn for these little beauties any longer, they can be in your home and in your bed in a matter of weeks!
It’s clear that it would take a mountain of plastic surgery and a pile of cash for any real woman to come even a shade close to these fantastical creations. These women are simply not of this earth for obvious reasons.
The only difficulty when buying a sex doll of this nature is for you to choose the right one from several beautiful models all hosting a number of different features.

4) Your wallet will always remain intact (..or almost).

It is true that a sex doll can be an expensive purchase at the beginning and perhaps not everyone can bear the initial cost. This initial situation is unavoidable if quality is the aim of the game. BUT, there will no longer be the need to waste your hard earned cash in fancy restaurants to impress her on date nights. No need to splash out on expensive clothes, jewelry and trips that the vast majority of stunning real women will demand. You are the master of all clothes and accessories you wish to enjoy and that satisfies YOUR tastes. Having a sex doll will result in zero compulsory future expenses and the end to annoying disputes about money management.

5) Sex dolls are immortal!

A sex doll is for life and not just for Christmas! They have no susceptibility to death nor sickness, and she will be forever in your arms for however long you desire. There is no reason to remain a widower if you choose her company 🙂

6) They are aesthetically perfect.

The dolls are shaped on many prototypes of feminine beauty viewed through the eyes of males. Their bodies are outstandingly perfect and are held in high esteem with aspiring and professional photographers. Human subjects are merely mortals with a monumental effort required to achieve top model, actress or pornstar figures.Unless you are a celebrity yourself, the likelihood of bagging one of these real life goddesses is near impossible.

Pleasure dolls’ bodies and faces are created with these perfect features in mind. We all recognize various forms of common beauty for which men go crazy. So to have a stunningly beautiful woman in your bed, you’ll not necessarily have to be Johnny Depp or Mick Jagger.

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