A brief comparison between materials used for making real sex dolls.


TPE is better known as thermoplastic rubber. It’s recyclable since it can be molded, extruded and reused as plastic, but it also has the typical elastic properties of rubber. TPE can be easily colored by most dyes and absorbs heat.


  • Excellent value for money, TPE is cheaper than silicone, its performance still comes very close to silicone quality.
  • TPE dolls are very realistic and similar in feature to a real woman.
  • Soft, velvety to the touch with elasticity similar to real skin.
  • It absorbs your body heat giving you a great warm feeling when you make love with your love doll
  • Hypoallergenic, does not cause dermatitis or allergic reactions.
  • Does not emit artificial odors such as rubber or plastic.
  • Compatible with water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants (the silicone dolls can be used only with water based lubricants).




  • TPE sex dolls are a recent invention, and they’re not as throughly researched as silicone, but so far results have been very positive with many happy users.
  • Porous material that contains microscopic holes that when in contact with pigmented liquid can absorb liquid or stain your doll. A risk of microbes and bacteria if not washed properly and regularly. The doll’s body cannot be sterilized.


Silicone is an excellent material that is used for many different uses such as toys, kitchen items, dentures and many more. It’s arguably one of the best materials for the production of realistic dolls, but also the most expensive.


  • Silicone is a highly recommended material for making realistic looking dolls that feel like genuine women in the flesh. The skin is obtained from a silicone material and is often softer and smoother than that of TPE.
  • It’s the most used and the most tested material in doll production. Silicone absorbs your warmth giving you unique experiences.
  • It is not porous, so it is more hygienic and easier to sterilize, stains less and hardly absorbs pigments.
  • Hypoallergenic, therefore, does not cause allergic reactions, rashes and dermatitis.
  • More resistant to heat than the TPE.




  • Compared with the TPE, it is more rigid and less elastic to the touch.
  • If not taken good care of, it is more perishable than other materials.
  • Silicone can be only used with only water-based lubricants, oil-based and other non-water lubricants could damage the doll’s skin.

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