Take care of your love doll or she will leave you!

How to buy a love doll ?

Choose a doll from our online shop, select the additional custom options and then please follow the payment steps for your order to be processed.

Doll maintenance & cleaning

Vaginal, Anal, and Oral Cavities

The inside of the cavity should be kept clean after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria. Wash the inside of any sexual cavity with anti-bacterial soap and rinse well with running water until all traces of soap have disappeared. Dry it inside with a clean towel and a dry brush inside and out with the talcum powder.


To wash the hair of your doll, remove the hair unit from her head and wash it with a mild shampoo. Let the hair dry naturally without using a hair dryer or other electrical devices that emit heat. During and after drying, always comb the hair gently from the bottom upwards.


The body of your doll should be kept clean and washed in the bathroom or shower at least every 30 days using mild antibacterial soap. You can take her with you to the bath or shower and immerse her in water at mild temperatures from the neck down. We recommend that you do not submerge or excessively wet the doll’s head under water. To wash the face of the doll, use a damp cloth with antibacterial soap and rub gently to clean the area. After cleaning, use a soft towel and gently dry her. Once you’ve washed and dried your doll and you feel the skin starts to become rough to the touch, gently apply the talc powder with the brush to the skin of your partner. She will shine once again and you can continue to feel her skin’s tenderness. We recommend that you perform this often to take care of your precious doll and prevent damage over time.

Can I dress my doll with clothes?

You can dress your doll, but make sure that all the apparel that you dress your doll in are not subject to stain or dye transfer. Her skin is made of porous materials and therefore is especially susceptible to absorbing dyes that can irreparably stain or discolor the skin. For the same reason, we recommend that you do not put it in contact with other materials containing ink or other oils.

How can I store my doll?

The best practice to preserve her durability is to keep her in different positions, never always keep her in the same position. She is made to stand vertically. Do not leave her in inclined positions for long periods to prevent deformation, or standing with her feet on the floor for long periods.

When not using the doll, please keep her arms and legs straight and parallel with the body. This will protect her underarms and skin from any wear and tear.

Can I put make up on my doll?

Yes, you can do that. Most of the dolls are shipped with semi-permanent make up, but you may add your own make up over it.

Do the dolls contain any materials that could be harmful to my health?

No, there are no toxic materials that could damage your skin or in other ways be dangerous to you.

Important things to notice about your doll


Never use excessive heat such as an iron or hair dryer on your love doll. They are made of materials that are very durable, but may deteriorate if exposed to high temperatures. Do not expose the doll to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Sunlight, especially in warm weather, can make your doll grow old before her time.

Doll’s wrists

Pay careful attention your doll’s wrists. Being as delicate as a real woman, they are not designed to withstand heavy weight and may break. Allow caution when performing certain positions such as doggy style.

Excessive Force

Just as a real woman has to be treated with care, do not use sharp objects on your doll. Bending her limbs to extreme positions, or use of excessive brute force, may cause damage.

Metal Skeleton

The dolls have a metal core that is constructed using folding joints to allow her to be adjusted to several different positions. Take care when positioning your doll. The metal skeleton is reasonably heavy for most of the dolls, so be careful not to drop or slam her too vigorously on hard surfaces.


Just add under armpits as alcohol in perfum might damage the skin of the doll


The doll is yours, do not share it or lend it to anyone to prevent the transmission of potential diseases..


We recommend that you use a condom to prevent the growth of bacteria and pathogens